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What do you get?

  • Free account and no fees to advertise or connect with sellers
  • You keep 100% of your sale
  • 6 image gallery to show off your paddling gear
  • See only ads for paddling gear

Private User benefits:

1 - Know the audience is specifically looking for paddling gear like yours

2 - Kayaks and Skis team is actively increasing your chance of selling your gear or finding that new bit of paddling gear as we grow our audience of Australian paddlers.

3 - Upgrade your ad with Social Boost to get your ad in front of the Kayaks and Skis social media audience



Retailers/ Distributors:

What do you get?

  • It's free, that is zero dollars to advertise as a retailer
  • Sell your paddling gear and keep ALL the profits
  • Unlimited ads with no time limit
  • Effective way to sell you paddling gear
  • Access to Kayaks and Skis social media audience with Social Boost ad upgrade

Retailers/ Distributor benefits:

As a retailer you will gain more benefits than a private seller with:

1 - Your company's logo on all your ads to build trust and brand awareness

2 - Your shop listed on the Google Map directory of paddling shops

3 - A custom webpage for your paddling brand showing a collection all your Kayaks and Skis advertisements.

4 - Support for your account. We can setup your retailer profile for you so all you have to do it list your ads and take the calls.